York Trip


    Kitty Cats, Beaches and the Beatles.

    More than 30 students from 2º de la ESO had the fortune of going to York earlier this month (March 2013) to experience a bit of English spring. For a week the kids would study English in the mornings at the beautifully designed University of York. In the afternoons, the students participated in cultural activities such as museum visits and walking tours where they got to see vestiges of the Tudor dynasty first-hand. Around 5pm every day the children would go back to their host families to enjoy a sit-down meal. It was during these dinners that the kids really got to practice their English.

    According to my sources, three events really stood out among the rest: the kitty cat treasure hunt, the trip to the beach and the Beatles Museum. About a two-hour drive from York, the Beatles Museum in Liverpool was an obvious hit with the kids.

    By some amazing stroke of luck, the day the group went to the beach the typical English weather subsided, and the clouds broke up just enough for them to enjoy a few sunny hours playing in the water.

    One of the lesser known facts about York is their cat hunt. Some 13 different cat statues are scattered around the city and our segundos spent a morning deciphering clues and searching out all the kitty cats!

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